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Book Formatters can help you present a professional look for your works of fiction.

EBooks and paper books have very distinctive demands and a professional book formatter can help you achieve those results. If you hope to be considerred professional, you need to look professional.

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MMA has a long-time friend in Kim Hitchens and Book Nook..

Their formatting for both eBooks and paper books is used by many mystery authors.

Book Formatters Both Kindle and Paper Books

If you know of a good book formatter, please use the contact button above to let us know.

Amy Atwell at Author EMS

While MMA lists freelance editors for the convenience of its members, MMA does not in any way endorse a particular editor. Caveat Emptor.

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The list is named after Dorothy L. Sayers' 1933 book, in which Lord Peter Wimsey takes a job working undercover at Pym's Publicity..

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